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Shadow Mapping of Large Environments
Daniel Scherzer
A very accessible master thesis by Daniel Scherzer on the subject of shadow maps. It provides a good coverage of the work so far, and proposes a new method to deal with large environments, namely dealing with the sampling problems that plague shadow mapping.

View Frustum Tutorial Update - The Radar Approach
The view frustum tutorial at has been updated with a new method. The radar approach is an efficient way of performing view frustum culling, requiring less tests in general than standard view frustum culling approaches. In this tutorial, the reasoning behind the method as well as its practice are presented. Source code with an example is provided.

GLSL tutorial update to cover OpenGL 2.0
The GLSL tutorial now covers OpenGL 2.0 functions in addition to the ARB extensions. Both versions are now available in the tutorial, with syntax and source code color coded. While the ARB extension version provides backwards compatibility, the OpenGL 2.0 version is available more and more with the new driver releases and new hardware.

New View Frustum Culling Tutorial
View frustum culling is a simple way to add a boost to an OpenGL application. This tutorial shows how to extract the view frustum for a camera, and how to cull spheres and boxes that are outside the view frustum. Optimizations, notes, references and source code are also provided.

OpenGL(R) Reference Manual, Version 1.4
OpenGL Architecture Review Board, Dave Shreiner

There is information online, and you can still get the specification from the opengl web site, but if you want it on paper then this is it.
More information about this title at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

GPU Gems 2
Matt Phar and Randima Fernando

The second volume of a valuable collection of books full of know how regarding shader programming.
More information about this title at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Game Programming Gems 5
Kim Pallister

The fifth element of this great collection. As they say with the pokemons: Got to get them all!
More information about this title at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

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