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Sams Teach Yourself VRML 2 in 21 Days
Chris Marrin
I´m not a fan of this particular book. However this book is available online, meaning its free to browse and make your own judgement. Thanks to Daniel Alexandre for pointing the link to me.
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Late Night Vrml 2.0 With Java
Bernie Roehl (Editor), Justin Couch, ...
This book covers several aspects of computer graphics and their possible implementation in VRML and Java. It is not a good book if you are looking to an introduction to VRML. However if you are serious about VRML then it is a very interesting reading. Thanks to Daniel Alexandre for providing me the address for the online version.
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The Annotated Vrml 2.0 Reference Manual
Rikk Carey, Gavin Bell
Excellent, a must have. Although this book is also available online, it is still worth aquiring. This book covers all the specification presenting tips and examples for each concept/node
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Vrml 2.0 Sourcebook
Andrea L. Ames, David R. Nadeau, John L. Moreland
The best introduction available for VRML. Provides a basic introduction in plain english. The best book to start learning from scratch.
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