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VRML Modeling of the NIST Fire Research Facility Emissions Control System
The ECS has been modeled in VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) as a test to show how construction process information can be made available through an advanced web-based 3D user interface. Really nice work!

3dtrue - Web 3D VRML Applications
This site provides shows a set of applications which generate vrml worlds based on your input. It has a Terrain Maker, a Shape Maker, and a 3D web search facility, plus a model finder. Worth checking out!

Fabricator general's vrml worlds
Fully interactive vrml worlds and Games. Evade the Daleks and Cave Adventure Game.

VRML Projects
Some very interesting projects can be found in here.

A multi-user world in VRML. you need the blaxxun VRML player. Check the tools section if you don´t have it.

On an Alien Moon
The authoer describes it as a mystery/adventure/exploration type of game: ´There are puzzles to figure out and tasks to perform´. It looks cool and it performs ar a reasonably frame rate.

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